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XenForo 2 [2.2.16] Released Full

XF2 Release XenForo 2 [2.2.16] Released Full 2.2.16 Patch 2

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Current requirements​

Please note that XenForo 2.2 has higher system requirements than earlier versions.

The following are minimum requirements:
  • PHP 7.0 or newer (PHP 8.2 recommended)
  • MySQL 5.5 and newer (Also compatible with MariaDB/Percona etc.)
  • All of the official add-ons require XenForo 2.2.
  • Enhanced Search requires at least Elasticsearch 2.0.

Installation and upgrade instructions​

Full details of how to
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XenForo can be found in the
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. We strongly recommend
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Firstly, to clarify some concerns that have arisen:

1. If you did a normal upgrade (either uploading files or via your admin control panel) you do not need to manually edit any files to receive the security fixes.

2. If you upgraded to the initial 2.2.16 release, you are fully protected against the security issues that were being addressed.

Secondly, a second patch is being released to address some minor bug fixes that may not have been correctly applied when upgrading to XenForo 2.2.16. This is only applicable if you performed a normal upgrade to 2.2.16, and this patch is not security related or affected by the security fixes.

You can download that now from your customer area or perform a one-click upgrade through your admin control panel. You can go to Tools > Check for upgrades in order to see the second patch release.

If you are running XenForo Cloud, the fixes have been applied automatically.
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